Sao Paulo's 
Mexican Entrees

                             Platos Mexicanos

Chicken Acapulco
Grilled chicken breast topped w/pico, jack cheese & sliced avocado. Served w/steamed rice & black beans.

En-fajita plate...$11
One cheese enchilada & chicken or beef fajitas served w/side of guacamole, rice & beans

Fire Roasted Poblano...$10
Poblano pepper stuffed w/choice of beef picadillo or Quinoa & Couscous. Served w/ rice & beans

Enchiladas Juarez...$9
Corn tortillas filled w/pulled chicken & topped w/tomatillo cream. Served w/rice & beans

Cheese Enchiladas...$9
Corn tortillas filled w/jack cheese & topped w/our house made smoked red chili sauce. Served w/rice & beans.

Enchiladas Verdes...$9
Corn tortillas filled w/pulled chicken & topped w/fresh roasted tomatillo sauce. Served w/rice & beans.

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