Sao Paulo's Restaurante... Austin's       original award winning Brazilian                        Restaurant.                             

We bring you authentic  flavors and sensual music. Our menu selections depict flavors from various regions of  Brazil as well as a  few local Tex-Mex    favorites. Come join us for an experience  every Foodie should have!!


           Sao Paulo's Restaurante
           2809 San Jacinto
          Austin, TX 78705
          (512) 473-9988

                Join us for New Year's Eve Dinner

               Artichoke hearts com Alho

                    Pichana (Brazil style Sirloin)

      Served with Chevre Potatoes,  Asparagus spears &
                         Shitake mushroom sauce.


                             Maracuja Mousse (Passion Fruit)
        With Fortunato #4 chocolate (rare Peruvian chocolate)

                                          $21.95 per person





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